The Top Guards Difference

Every mouth guard is reviewed by a GDC registered Dentist.

The Top Guards advantage brings you:

  • Quality

    The quality of a Top Guards mouthguard is assured. They are handmade by highly skilled and experienced dental technicians, using superior materials and digital technology to ensure only the best precision and accuracy.
  • Comfort

    The last thing you want is an uncomfortable mouthguard putting you off your game. The custom made nature of Top Guards ensures such an accurate and comfortable fit that you’ll forget you’re wearing a mouthguard!
  • Better

    A bespoke Top Guards mouthguard allows you to communicate clearly and confidently with your team, without the worry it will slip, fall or muffle your voice.
  • Superior

    A Top Guards mouthguard is designed to provide the very best protection for your teeth and gums, and can even be worn while drinking, leaving you to focus on the important thing – your game!
  • Peace
    of Mind

    We use digital technology to bring you the best result possible. Digital scans mean your mouthguard is easily replaceable if lost or damaged, and the comfortable custom fit allows for increased hygiene as you won’t need to constantly reposition or remove it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why are your mouthguards different from the mouthguards available?

    We are the first mouthguard company to take digital impressions to aid the creation of the mouthguard itself. It takes us only minutes to take a 3D scan of your teeth, but the accuracy and comfort that this brings to the mouthguard is exceptional. Our mouthguards are hand made with incredible attention to detail, which ensures you receive a bespoke mouthguard which has a superior fit and greater comfort and protection.

  • What happens if the mouthguard is lost?

    If the mouthguard was lost in the first six months we can create another mouthguard from the same scan! Replacement mouthguard with no scan or wait times. If it is over six months we would do then digital scan again to create another mouthguard.

  • How long will it take to do the impressions?

    On average is takes only 5-10 minutes to take the digital scan.

  • Can you come to my club/school to do the digital scan?

    Of course! We are happy to visit you at a location convenient to you.

  • Can I pick colours and logos?

    We are more than happy to help you personalise your mouthguard to your school/club colours. We have a huge range of colours and designs to choose from. We can also include your name and logo on the mouthguard.

  • How thick will the mouthguard be?

    The thickness of your mouthguard will vary depending on the sport you will be using it for. We take the time to ensure your mouthguard will be comfortable, well-fitting and give superior protection, shielding your teeth and gums from trauma and damage. Higher-impact sports, such as boxing and rugby, will need a thicker mouthguard to provide the ultimate protection, while other sports may require a thinner style.